Ministry of Game Affairs of the Empire Earth II Community

Ministry of Game Affairs of the Empire Earth II Community
High Representative of the Ministry of Game Affairs: Dr.MonaLisa

Department of Control
Full name: Department of Control and Complaints
Minister: Leader (Dr.MonaLisa)

Department of Mods
Full name: Department of Modding and Testing
Minister: TheGrouch (DomDom)

Department of History
Full name: Department of EE2 History and Oldschool Players
Minister: Deus

Department of Justice
Full name: Department of Problems Between Players and Justice
Minister: xRedWonderx (Fireheart2)
The New Empire Earth II Government is a part of Empire Earth II Community. Every Empire Earth II player who uses Unofficial Patch 1.5 accepts the government's rules and Amending Acts (Government Law).
The Government has been created on 1st of July 2011 to help keep Empire Earth 2 Multiplayer Community Alive, and to help Empire Earth 2 players solve their problems with the game and the players.
The Status Center was an informative website which contained most recent information from the EE2 community life. It's not longer updated. To visit the archival site, please click on the picture below:

Gamespy Lobby Chat History was saved by Dr.MonaLisa's BOT since 01-09-2011 to 10-10-2012 (Gamespy shutdown day). You can check the chat history by clicking on the picture below:

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