Dec 03 2022 - 05:12:54

I have great news! The D3D9on12 bug that causes text not to be displayed in Empire Earth 2, for example on the newest Intel Iris Xe Graphics was just fixed by one of Microsoft developers!
It will come to users with one of Windows Updates in the future.

Nov 29 2022 - 03:11:30

The new server is located in Vienna, Austria. My previous message has a mistake. I used the German provider with a Black Friday offer, and the GeoIP database also shown the server IP as German. Sorry for the misleading information.

Nov 25 2022 - 20:11:22 server migration completed. If have issues connecting to click logo windows + r on your keyboard, type: "cmd", press enter, then type: "ipconfig /flushdns". The new server is located in Germany. Status:

Nov 25 2022 - 19:11:46 main server migration will start today around 19:30 CET. Multiplayer users will need to re-log after the domain IP changes. A few server restarts are expected later this evening if I find that something has to be fixed.

Nov 25 2022 - 06:11:23

I detected a new problem in 1.5.9 where changing the full-screen status (ALT+ENTER) might stop working after disconnecting/connecting a monitor, when the game is already running. The fix is prepared, but I need to test it locally for a few days.

Nov 21 2022 - 20:11:32

Unofficial Patch 1.5.9 (minor ver. 159001) has been released to all users! Changes log:

Watch screenshots & read about 1.5.9 features at our BLOG:

Nov 20 2022 - 23:11:38

On November 15, Ukraine's air defense forces shot down 73 out of more than 90 enemy cruise missiles:

It proves how well-balanced the Missile Defense System in Empire Earth II 1.5 is. The interception ratio is nearly the same.

Nov 20 2022 - 19:11:03

Unofficial Patch 1.5.9 will be released to all users as version 159001. It's because we still detected some small issues in the BETA version for donators. Special thanks for help in testing to users Calsh03, BlackBaroness and Hoss.

Nov 19 2022 - 21:11:33

The pseudo moderator of the "empireearth" subreddit is a hypocritic creature that censored & banned the UP1.5 developer for a joke on our blog: "Contrastry to Greta, Mona has the actual abilities to reduce the CO2 emission...":

Nov 19 2022 - 08:11:06

I have over 2TB of recorded EE2 Gameplay videos, but I was waiting for the fiber Internet connection that was supposed to be available this year. And it's still not -.- This is why the YouTube channel has not much of new content.

Nov 17 2022 - 18:11:59

More information & screenshots from Unofficial Patch 1.5.9 are now available on:

Nov 17 2022 - 00:11:19

The change log of UP 1.5.9 is currently only available in the forum topic:

Nov 16 2022 - 23:11:57

Unofficial Patch 1.5.9 has been released! It's currently available as BETA for players who donated.
It's because we need to change the server provider this month, and extra funds are very needed. Therefore players who support our services can enjoy the big update faster!

Nov 01 2022 - 04:11:27

The Next Big Thing Is Coming Soon.

Oct 29 2022 - 14:10:12

The Halloween sounds pack will be enabled on 30th of October, 00:00 CET - for Multiplayer & Singleplayer users! It changes some of in-game sounds to match the event. Players who dislike it can disable it with the same command as explained here:

Oct 26 2022 - 04:10:33

Intel's 12th Gen processors have an issue where the text is not displaying in Empire Earth II. It's because their drivers use D3D9on12 to support old games. I reported this issue here:
Please consider not buying new laptops with Intel GPU until it's fixed.

Oct 21 2022 - 23:10:22

The incoming UP1.5 update (158027) focuses on the borderless windowed mode improvements. It will contain dozens of fixes that bring the best possible multi-display experience! Examples: V-Sync enabled by default, no game/audio pause when the window loses focus, correct positions.

Oct 11 2022 - 02:10:55

Does anybody still think that the sanctions on Russian Federation which issued on 22th February 2022 was an ill-considered / bad decision?

Sep 30 2022 - 02:09:50

People should stop asking me about my gender. Why the hell am I gonna waste my time and give a press release about whether or not I have a pen*s? My fans don't care and neither do I.

Sep 17 2022 - 22:09:58

A Hotfix Update has been released:
Sorry for the inconvenience. There was some miss-click with miss-typo in the long assembly code, in some older function that wasn't even modified this time. It's a miracle that it didn't cause a crash, just a bug...

Sep 17 2022 - 21:09:41

We detected a bug in version 158025 where on EE2: AOS messages in started game are not displaying. It's currently being investigated and the hotfix update will be released.

Sep 17 2022 - 18:09:26

Minor Update 158025 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes:

Sep 06 2022 - 04:09:41

Today (6.09.2022), around 00:45 the Multiplayer Lobby has hanged. I was aware of this issue, but I tried to gather more information before restarting it. I finally restarted it around 3:00 with the advanced debugging enabled. I also fixed some of auto-restarting functions.

Sep 04 2022 - 03:09:14

Minor Update 158024 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes:

Sep 03 2022 - 12:09:47

Some of the planned features / changes will be moved to the next (after the upcoming) UP1.5 Monthly Update. It's because my TO DO list is continuously increasing, and if I don't split these changes, then the update will never come.

Aug 25 2022 - 13:08:51

We still experience issues with the unreliable provider, who broke certain connectivity features after the "maintenance", and refuses to fix them. Our main server will be migrated to a new one at the end of November 2022. Until then, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Jul 25 2022 - 02:07:55

[1/9] Regarding UP1.5 updates, I was recently trying many things, but most of them failed stability tests. TBMs missiles were supposed to cost resources, but it can't be done due to a bug which was fixed in: but can only be applied to buildings.

Jul 25 2022 - 01:07:23

IPv6 is currently not working on our main server, because provider has changed something and it doesn't work even when I correctly configured it. IPv6 is used for some internal connections (lobby auto-translator, etc.) All things fallbacked correctly to IPv4 so it's all good.

Jun 23 2022 - 22:06:31

Bombarding of COLM - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay:

Jun 05 2022 - 23:06:41

Good evening everyone. Please do not worry about the lack of updates from me. The activity is going to be back to normal after the Summer. I'm currently in the mode of "tracking" issues and analyzing crash reports. I also do a lot of undocumented improvements with the server, etc

Apr 17 2022 - 00:04:44

Happy Easter 2022!

Apr 15 2022 - 13:04:19

Dresden 1945 - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay:

Apr 10 2022 - 01:04:56

Minor Update 158023 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! This update has a new feature available: "Advanced Cache Preloading". It also fixes compatibility with the newest Gog files update. Changes:

Apr 09 2022 - 17:04:52

UP1.5 Advanced Cache Preloading feature is ready. I'm now considering if it should be enabled by default for people with >= 8GB RAM, or disabled by default for all users. After all, like all new features, this one might also bring some problems that I wasn't able to detect :(

Apr 05 2022 - 18:04:06

WARNING: Players who installed Empire Earth 2 using GOG GALAXY might lose Unofficial Patch 1.5 executables after the newest update from Gog. It will also result in screen res problems and crash on skirmish start. To fix it, please install UP1.5 again from:

Apr 03 2022 - 05:04:50

Short update on the current UP1.5 work: I want to reduce the "mini freezes" (caused by the new audio being played for the first time) by using some advanced pre-loading functions in UP1.5_GameHelper.dll to load them to cache on game start. It requires some "thinking", and tests.

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