Oct 01 2020 - 03:10:55

Minor Update 157041 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157041

Sep 28 2020 - 06:09:31

People are often asking me: why some updates have a big file to download. The answer is: some updates are bigger, to make the other ones possibly smaller. The file that contains UP1.5 audio is recently often updated, but it won't always be this way.

Sep 22 2020 - 15:09:00

Empire Earth® II: AI-Enhanced Trailers, Promotional and the other videos: https://www.ee2.eu/blog/019-ai-enhanced-empire-earth-2-videos.php

Sep 17 2020 - 20:09:27

Minor Update 157040 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157040

Sep 17 2020 - 02:09:32

I issued a fix for the slow opening of the "View Recording" screen. All users who are connected to the Internet should get it thanks to the KeepAlive thread in the Launcher (which modifies a specified game memory address on game start, to skip one function in game process).

Sep 06 2020 - 08:09:56

http://forum.EE2.eu has been updated to phpBB ver. 3.3.1.

Sep 03 2020 - 12:09:17

The Multiplayer Rating System Log website has been recently updated. It now additionally shows the map used in game and epochs. A new column showing each player's Kill Ratio has also been added. It displays even for historical results! Check it out:

Sep 02 2020 - 07:09:03

We're aware of an issue where players could see a warning about the outdated installer version (157021) when started the newest UP1.5 157039 installer. This is because I accidentally opened a backup project file instead of the normal one. It is fixed now. Files inside were fine.

Aug 31 2020 - 07:08:46

We have two (2) MonaNAT® Servers in United States (Las Vegas) now. The old one will expire on October 7th. It's because the provider is removing all OpenVZ nodes and asked for migration. Status: https://www.ee2.eu/status/#multiplayerload

Aug 29 2020 - 02:08:21

Minor Update 157038 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157038

Aug 28 2020 - 18:08:37

How It's Made: Assembling UP1.5 Minor Update 157038. Fix for incorrect nicknames in playbacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpgnKHlsVOc

Aug 26 2020 - 03:08:07

A noob player: warface07 accuses of cheating - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay, YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kyf6UhNqoc

Aug 25 2020 - 20:08:26

Just in case people already forgot. The full Dr. Mona Lisa's name is:
Her Royal Highness, Majesty, Excellency, Eminence and Holiness Blessed Doctor Director Professional Santa Comrade Mother Monster Fuhrer High Representative Our Beloved Leader President Mona Lisa.

Jul 31 2020 - 20:07:09

Mass Conversion (Meso-American Regional Power) - YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbKa-G99M10

Jul 26 2020 - 02:07:46

Minor Update 157037 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157037

Jul 17 2020 - 23:07:08

#Cloudflare is down. EE2.eu services are not affected, because we don't use their services.

Jun 27 2020 - 16:06:47

Unofficial Patch 1.5 has reached 200 000 unique downloads, since 03.08.2014. A single IP address is counted 1 time per day. The real number is probably higher (different sources). Minor Update installations are not counted. https://ee2.eu/patch

Jun 26 2020 - 23:06:29

Strategic Bombing Doctrine - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay - YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMRgifZ8BUs

Jun 14 2020 - 01:06:29

Have you already seen the updated UP1.5 download page?

Jun 08 2020 - 16:06:41

Minor Update 157036 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157036

Jun 04 2020 - 15:06:40

Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition is on -66% sale on: https://www.gog.com/game/empire_earth_2_gold

Jun 04 2020 - 02:06:57

The Official Download Page of Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been updated! Check it out: https://www.ee2.eu/patch/ :)

May 31 2020 - 20:05:01

The #🏀multiplayer-lobby channel on Discord did not show the correct number of players online in topic. It's because 29.05.2020 @Discord changed rate limits to: "2 updates per 10 minutes".
Our Bot has been updated, but the list of players will be updated with 5-8 mins delay :(

May 28 2020 - 14:05:26

Windows 10 ver. 2004 (build 19041) has just been released.
Unofficial Patch 1.5 is compatible with this version of Windows since update 157035 (released in April 2020). Please read the following article to learn how to enable a fix for "max. ~64 FPS" bug: https://www.ee2.eu/help/#64fpsbug

May 27 2020 - 07:05:11

Unfortunately, there will be no Minor Update in May 2020. It's because (for now) there are only 2 changes, and I have to test few other things. So 157036 is delayed to June 2020. Upcoming fixes are described here:

May 18 2020 - 07:05:03

Read about EE2 & UP1.5 on Hardcore Gaming 101: http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/empire-earth-2/

May 06 2020 - 00:05:09

Weird Game - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4-qW3E6NrQ

May 01 2020 - 07:05:26

It seems like I accidentally forced the installation of 157035 even for users with 157034 (instead of 157023 and older, as planned). Fixed now. For my surprise, it didn't cause any problems with stability: https://www.ee2.eu/statistics/?period=7d#launchstats (30 April, the number of launches isn't lower).

Apr 29 2020 - 06:04:54

Due to increasing fragmentation of UP1.5 versions and users who are not aware about new updates (notifications weren't that good back then), we decided to force installation of the newest version for users with 157023 and older ( https://www.ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157023 ). Also improves security.

Apr 27 2020 - 08:04:54

Server OS re-install completed! EE2.eu is now running on Ubuntu Server 20.04. The Server might be restarted several more times today (in case something requires fixing). For now it seems like the Multiplayer Lobby integration with Discord doesn't work.

Apr 27 2020 - 03:04:26

Today (27.04.2020) between 04:30 CET to 09:00 CET all EE2.eu services will be unavailable, due to a scheduled OS upgrade to Ubuntu Server 20.04.

Apr 26 2020 - 11:04:05

Minor Update 157035 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157035
A new option is available in UP1.5 Settings after this update: "Remove 100 FPS limit (BETA)".

Apr 22 2020 - 08:04:27

How to fix max ~64 FPS bug in Empire Earth II on Windows 10 ver. 2004 (build 19041) with NVIDIA GPU?
Help page: https://ee2.eu/help/#64fpsbug
Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-1FNJTeXfs

Apr 20 2020 - 22:04:22

Fun With Dad - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNNZqdf00lg

Apr 13 2020 - 16:04:12

Minor Update 157034 for Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been released! Changes list: https://ee2.eu/patch/changes/#157034

Apr 13 2020 - 00:04:50

World Map - Empire Earth II Multiplayer Gameplay YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEa_ff11oDU

Apr 12 2020 - 16:04:55

Happy Easter 2020!

Apr 08 2020 - 00:04:11

EE2 closes on launch, but the expansion pack works fine?
FATAL PROBLEM: -> Can't open main game directory. Make sure your "My Documents" folder is available.
SOLUTION: https://www.ee2.eu/help/#closesonlaunch

Apr 05 2020 - 09:04:47

According to the UP1.5 Usage Statistics, yesterday (04.04.2020) the game was started 2176 times, from 1158 unique users. It has crashed with "Unhandled Exception" error 20 times, which is only 0.91%. It shows how important are "under the hood", not noticeable changes in UP1.5.

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