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Available text-languages: English, German, Polish, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese. Compatible with all other.
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Do you have a problem? Check Download & Installation Guide on YouTube! Information about the file:
File: ee2_update_100-140_157.exe Size: 264.13 MB (bytes: 276 957 599) CRC-32: f0f780e5 MD4: 2396ebe3bf57e6357720259ba6ac2ab5 MD5: 3db57114a6d43595c05ab7ebc54e4012 SHA-1: 85850f368ea8dcbfe7ced27bfbe4afc38ef707a4

WARNING: Google Chrome might block this file as "malicious". To fix it click CTRL+J, and then: "Recover malicious file", or simply use a different Internet Browser to download. If you're still unsure about it - please simply do not download / install the patch. Please remember that it's an Unofficial Version of the game, and I'm not responsible for any computer problems after installation (that should not happen), thermonuclear war or tsunami at your location. This is an update from version 1.0 (or newer) to 1.5. You don't have to install any previous patches!
The patch is incompatible with the other Empire Earth II mods, but you can download a special version for mods here (Click)

Please remember that it's an Unofficial Patch for the game and I am not responsible for any computer problems after installation (that should not happen), thermonuclear war or tsunami at your location.

Features & Changes List

Please note, that the patch doesn't change the original game balance nor strategy. All new units and buildings listed in the changes list below can be disabled by the patch Configuration Utility after installation, so you don't need to worry about changes which you don't like. The patch was designed to fix compatibility problems, and the rest is not that significant. Click to learn how to disable UP1.5 content

- Support for all possible screen resolutions, including 4K resolutions, for example: 4096x2304, 3840x2160, 3200x1800, 2560x1440, 2048x1152, 1920x1080, 1600x900, 1366x768, 1360x768, 1280x720, 3840x2400, 2880x1800, 2560x1600, 2304x1440, 2048x1280, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800, 1152x720, 3200x2400, 2560x1920, 2048x1536, 1856x1392, 1600x1200, 1440x1080, 1400x1050, 1280x1024, 1280x960, 1152x864, 1024x768, 2560x1700, 2160x1440, 1440x960, 1280x854, 1152x768, 2560x2048, 1800x1440, 1600x1024, 1600x768, 1280x768, 800x600.
Includes all previous versions of EE2 (1.0-1.4), so it's not needed to install any older patch.
It's possible to select a different text language for EE2 during installation.
No CD/DVD is needed to start game. Players with all EE2 distributions are able to play together.
The patch supports: Empire Earth II, and it's expansion pack: Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy.
New launchers (EE2.exe, EE2X.exe), with features like:
* Support for Windows 8 / 8.1 by setting the right screen resolution in game,
* Auto-checking for Unofficial Version updates,
* EXEGenerator (used for generating the right file to support your screen resolution),
* Checksum in-RAM replacing system (so people with different executables are able to join each other in MP games),
* News messages (from the community life) which appear hardly ever,
* Statistics system, and many other features that help you solve game problems,
* The configuration file ("UnofficialVersionConfig.txt"), so you can customize your UP1.5 settings.
- Camera FIX ver. 3.0 (better zoom-out and zoom-in in game),
- Free Camera Mode, hotkey: CTRL+F, then keep CTRL pressed to change the camera settings.
- Full Screen Mode, hotkey: CTRL+ALT+H (right mouse click to show the cursor), hides User Interface.
- Debug Menu, hotkey: CTRL+O and Atmosphere Panel, hotkey: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+A - for modders.
- Built-in Music Player (EE2Amp), hotkey: CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+F12 + 1 sample song.
- Better Night (Time of Day) - much darker, with a realistic Moon effect.
- Improved version of the "Flying Height Mod" (changed cruising height of all air units).
- Enabled some animations, for example rotation of windmills in workshops.
- Fixed the "non chimney smoke" graphics bug:
* The first smoke will appear after you start producting a unit for the first time.
- Many new sounds, some of them imported from the RGV1's EE4 Mod.
- Modified game sounds volumes to be more ear-friendly.
- Some new textures for epoch 15 buildings, imported from the Iwanicki's Realistic Mod.
- Alert siren when enemy is bombarding your city (requires warehouse).
- Much better nuclear explosion effects with camera shake.
- New units and buildings (many of them imported from the Iwanicki's Realistic Mod):
#FOR CITY BUILDING GAMES (it's recommended to use them in CB/RP games only):
- City Builder (can build ~47 buildings known from EE2/EE2X campaigns).
- Gardener (can plant tress, and build some other world objects [~36]).
- ZOO (can produce ~15 animals), new animals: Crocodile, Bear, Rhinoceros.
- Some other CB buildings: Supermarket (including new trading units), International Airport, Windmills.
- Some other CB units: Slave, Prisoner, Leaders (Dictator, President, Queen, Prince), Monacopter, etc.
- A new Missile Defense System:
* Radar - detects for incoming missiles and plays a loud alert siren when enemy's missile is launched,
* Anti-Missile Defense - launches an anti-missile from range: 45,
* Mobile Anti-Missiles Launcher,
- New Missile Launchers:
* Ballistic Missle Submarine,
* V2 Launcher, TBM Launcher (with a new missile explosion effect).
* Ballistic Missile Silo (bigger damage and explosion effects).
- Two new transport planes.
- Other buildings: Hospital, Ground Defense, Bomb Shelter, Windmill/Grain Elevator.
- Other units: Autobus, Police Car, Ambulance, Fire Truck, News Van, Hot Air Balloon, Harvester, Wheel Loader.
- Version 4.0 of "EE2 Windows 8 / 8.1 FIX by Dr.MonaLisa", however it's not longer needed.
- Fixed Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Error.
- 130 maps, created by players since 2005.
- New Multiplayer Scenarios, created in 2013 by DomDom11/12 and Dr Mona Lisa.
- New resources option: "Super Deathmatch", with ~65 000 resources of every type.
- New maximum population options available in game: 2600, 3000, 3400, 3800, 4000, 6000, 8000, 10000:
* NOTE: The maximum pop for each player will remain 999 no matter how many players there are in game.
* You can build the "Tree of Life", or the "Tree of Death" to hack your population in game (very expensive).
* Hack trees are forbidden in Multiplayer games, except City Building games.
- More "Basic Starting Forces", citizen options available to select: 0, 1, 30, 50, 75, 100.
- Version 1.5 (2015) identification on Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy.
- "Pro Map Maker" by DomDom11/12 (modified tools sizes for easier map making).
- Restored the "return to base" button for aircraft units in EE2: AOS.
- Added 7 .fav files, with the most played multiplayer settings.
- AI players use only 3 buildings from UP1.5 (to prevent random game crashes).

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 1:
- New option: Custom map size (with the maximum map size: 500, before only: 300).
- More configuration options in "UnofficialVersionConfig.txt", including a way to disable UP1.5 units/buildings - works in MP games.
- Disabled CD-KEY checking in multiplayer games (because of many reported problems).
- Restored camera settings from Unofficial Version 1.4 (better zoom-out in game).
- Unofficial Patch 1.5 bugs fixes:
* Building concertina wire crashes game;
* Bombers/nuclear bombers are missing the target;
* New wheeled units (police car, ambulance, fire truck, etc.) rotate in a circle when idle.
* Some costs/balance fixes for the new units.
* Fixes in UP1.5 launchers, even more smart-behaviour and new graphics.

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 2:
- Added the Custom Screen Resolution Generator, so the patch is now supporting all possible screen resolutions.
- Added the Configuration Utility (UnofficialVersionConfig.vbs), for easier patch configuration.
- Unofficial Patch 1.5 bugs fixed:
* Nuclear bombers are unable to damage: airports, city centers, universities;
* Fixed Phalanx Machinegun Turret "UFO" graphics bug;
- Unofficial Patch 1.5 units changes:
* Missile launchers are now upgrading (epoch 12: V2 Launcher, epoch 13: TBM Launcher 1, epoch 14: TBM Launcher 2);
* Added a new model for TBM Launcher in epoch 13;
* Added three new models for radars (since epoch 12 to 14);
* Radars are now revealing all airplanes in range 40;
* Added a new unit: Sniper (epochs 11-15): long range, long reload time, expensive. Produced in Barracks;
* Added Pseudo-Music Carriages, produced in the Spanish Blockhouse (City Center -> City Builder -> Spanish Blockhouse);
- Tanks and HERCs are now 2x stronger (doubled attack damage and health).
- Autosave filenames are now the same for every language version of game (useful in MP games).
- Updated UP1.5 launchers:
* Full support for Windows 10;
* Even more intelligent behaviour;
* Special splash screens + music for special events (like Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.).

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 3:
- Updated UP1.5 launchers:
* New "Checksum in-RAM replacing system", no more "Executable differs" problem in MP games.
- Improved fonts in the Multiplayer Chat (nicknames have a new color with special effects),
- Camera FIX ver. 4.0 (fixed sounds when maximum zoom-out in game),
- Better ProjectileMissileMove type ICBM - 2x higher (30, before 15),
- AI (Computer player) will now use UP1.5 units (if they're unlocked in the patch configuration),
- Improved Missile Defense System and Missile Launchers:
* New units: Naval Anti-Missiles Warship, Cruise Missile Submarine;
* Anti-Missile Defense is relatively cheaper;
* Smart Anti-Missiles: Close targets will be assigned to different Anti-Missiles (chance to intercept more);
* Added a fix for game crashes when AI uses Missile Launchers (citizens near TBMs won't be able to move when a missile is being launched).
- Improved sound volumes, new alert siren for epoch 10-12, fixed no-alert siren bug in EE2: AOS,
- New UP1.5 units and buildings:
* Water Weel / Water Tower (10% resources gaining bonus, +30% citizens health, 5% faster foot units);
* Tractor (faster food from farms);
* Adolf Hitler unit (produced in Castle, Versailles or White House);
* Tradecopter (since epoch 13, produced in Supermarket);
* 'UFO' Flying Aircraft Carrier and 'UFO' Drones (since epoch 15, produced in Hangar);
* Tactical Scanner (detects spies, produced in Hangar);
* AWACS (produced in Airport, reveals a big part of the map);
* RMS Titanic (produced in Dock, transports maximum 500 units, with a special audio-effect when sunk);
* Big farms and Highways (built by Gardener).
- The enemy won't attack the "Tree of Life", and "Tree of Death" automatically,
- Fixed Sniper is missing the target bug,
- New models for: Hangar (epoch 15), Outpost (epoch 14 and 15), Transport Aircraft (epochs 13, 14, 15),
- Stronger Hero Tanks and HERCS on EE2: The Art of Supremacy (like normal tanks and HERCs in UP1.5 Update 2),
- New hotkeys:
* Select crown power: Military (SHIFT+F1), Economic (SHIFT+F2), Imperial (SHIFT+F3);
* Return selected planes to the base (CTRL+R);
* Toggle Music Player (ALT+SPACE), Next track (ALT+RIGHT), Previous track (ALT+LEFT), Pause (ALT+DOWN), Play (ALT+UP), Randomize (ALT+NumPAD1);
* Switch to the Main Screen (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+M), so you can go for example to Settings when you're in the MP room;
* Dump Game Log to: Unofficial Patch Files/EmpireEarth2RecentGame.dump (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D), for modders who need to check something.
- Added Large Address Aware support (disabled by default, enable in: UnofficialVersionConfig.txt).
- Fixes two Unhandled Exception crashes.
- Added the "Maximization Helper":
* The Helper will start automatically if your OS is Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10+;
* The Helper helps you to solve maximization problems with game;
* It has a built-in Chat, so you can easly get help, when needed;
* Fixes Windows 10 build 9926+ maximization problem (please use Solution 1).
- Improved the "Configuration Utility" (UnofficialVersionConfig.vbs):
* Added an option to run EE2 in Windowed Mode;
* Added an option to enable / disable Large Address Aware.

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 4:
- Included changes from all minor updates 153000-153006.
- Fixes for another Unhandled Exception crashes (not related with the unofficial patch),
- Updated textures for the night sky (visible when you zoom-in maximally),
- Added St. Basil's Cathedral, can produce Leaders (just like the Castle, Versailles and White House),
- Added Air Force One, transport plane (produced in Castle, Versailles, White House or St. Basil's Cathedral),
- Fixed a bug where transport planes and AWACS models were changing sizes. AWACS can not be longer attacked by the non-anti-air units,
- Changes/Fixes in Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (expansion pack):
* Fixed a graphics bug that makes whole game "alight" after a wheat farm is built;
* Changed food gathering speed from farms from 1.0 to 4.37 (like in the vanilla version of EE2);
* Changed the "maps" folder to: "mapx", so now EE2 maps are not mixed with the AOS maps:
#WARNING: If you've got your own AOS maps, you must move them from the "Documents\Empire Earth II The Art of Supremacy\maps" folder to the "mapx" folder.
- Updated UP1.5 launchers, added the new launcher window with features like:
* Detecting if EE2 / EE2X is properly installed;
* Displaying EE2News tweets and warnings when the software/hardware installed on your computer is problematic (for example warning for Lenovo laptop users);
* Displaying Windows 8/10 Toast Notifications (for example information about updates, how long you've played the last game, etc.);
* Improved the UP1.5 Chat, added auto links detection, different fonts and the full-screen mode (click the small arrow icon on the button);
* Quick Access buttons to the Configuration Utility, GameRanger, Official UP1.5 Website;
* The new launcher window won't start if a Multiplayer game is starting. You can also disable it in the UP1.5 Settings.
- Added fixes for scrolling problems on laptops with Synaptics Touchpads (can be enabled/disabled in the UP1.5 Settings),
- Fixed screen resolution detecting on computers with different DPI-scaling settings;
- Some UP1.5 units fixes (for example better balance for Sniper, improved anti-crash scripts for TBM Launchers).
- Improved fixes for Maximization problems (Solution 1 in the Maximization Helper has a function to kill problematic programs).
- Fixed a critical bug where slaves and prisoners were crashing the game after receiving an order to collect resources.
- Added empireearth2:// and empireearth2aos:// protocols (needed for example for Windows 10 Toast Notifications).
- Better UP1.5 Settings window. Clearier, with more options, for example:
* "Skip Game Intro Videos".
* "Clear Cache / Recompile" - it will clear game junk files, and help to solve common game / launcher problems.
- Experimental Support of DirectX 9. Performances improvement in game, fixes a problem where only integrated graphics card is detected by game (NVIDIA Optimus problem for
example on Windows 10). To enable DirectX 9 - please start "UP1.5 Settings" in the Launcher after installation.
- Experimental FIX for graphics problems on Intel HD graphics cards (fixes no fire/explosion effects bug). Please use this fix only if you really need it.
- Fixed Launcher crashes on systems with Chinese and Korean launguage selected.
- Fixed Launcher problems when EE2 installation path had different than Latin's alphabet characters.
- Improved the "Disable the new UP1.5 units and buildings" option, available in the UP1.5 Settings:
* The option is now named: "Disable the new UP1.5 units, buildings, models and sounds",
* All textures and models are used like in the official version of game,
* Almost all new sounds are disabled, including city ambient sounds, units selection sounds and air raid sirens.
- Added Maximization Helper tooltips and offline list of problematic programs for Solution 1 (for people who can't be connected to the Internet when EE2 starts).
- Improved problems detection system: The launcher will now detect if you're unable to start EE2 / your game crashed, and show possible solutions the next time you start the Launcher (for example a missing .dll error). The problems database will be dynamically updated when needed, so no minor updates will be required to solve unknown for now problems.

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 5:
- Included changes from all minor updates 154000-154006.
- New Multiplayer Server/Lobby, as a replacement for the old GameSpy Server, which has been shut down in 2012:
* To use it, simply start the game, and go to: "Multiplayer" -> "Internet",
* It's required to create a new profile, since I obviously don't have the old GameSpy database,
* Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy use the same rooms. Version identification is different,
* What works: private messages, chatting, adding buddies, inviting to games, hosting games, joining games,
* Totally new rating system and Leaderboards, fully programmed by Dr.MonaLisa,
* CD key checking is disabled (because some stores like are selling EE2 without giving the working key),
* The NAT negotiation works, however it's good to forward port UDP 26000 to your local IP address, to fix problems with hosting/joining games,
* The server is totally independent. We won't use any third-party services, so I will be able to improve it, fix things, databases at any time,
* It's not longer the "GameSpy" lobby, but "" Lobby,
* The server is still in the BETA stage, so all features will be improved with time. Installing additional updates won't be needed,
* Bugs: sometimes you can't see / refresh games list (re-log is required), hardly ever server crashes, but is auto-restarted.
- Fixed the African Regional Power in epochs 6-10: It will not longer kill all projectiles.
- Fixed displaying of the default hotkey for Air Defense.
- Changed the minimum and maximum custom game pace values (from min. 0.25 max. 3.0 to min. 0.1 max. 20.0).
- Improved the Super ICBM explosion effects.
- Added 8 new Empire Earth 2 maps and 14 new Empire Earth 2: The Art of Supremacy maps.
- Limited "Generate New Map" sizes in the Map Editor to 500, due to crashes. Resizing maps to 1000 still works.
- Changed the maximum territories brush size in the Map Editor in EE2: AOS to 90.
- Improved performance and reduced lags in epochs 12+ by limiting Missile Defense System detection range to 1, without affecting the effectivity.
- Changes in the "Disable the new UP1.5 units, buildings, models and sounds" option:
* The option now restores the orginal camera settings from unpatched version of the game;
* The option disables the "Flying Height Mod", so cruising height of all air units is unchanged;
- Fixed a rare bug where game settings are lost after quitting map editor.
- Fixed map generation of Pangea maps on Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy.
- Fixes in the .IES scripts (used for custom scenarios):
* Fixed: "AdvancePlayerEpoch: Invalid epoch 15" bug;
* Added a Fix for unhandled exception crashes when loading a big .ies script:
#To enable it, in UP1.5 Settings add the custom configuration command: "FixForIESLoadingCrashes=1";
#To disable it, in UP1.5 Settings add the custom configuration command: "FixForIESLoadingCrashes=0";
#Warning: This fix causes a memory leak every time you load a script. Large Address Aware option should be enabled.
#The fix works only for the DirectX 9 executables, so you need to "Enable DirectX 9" in UP1.5 Settings before.
- Added EE2: Planes (2016) scenario, created by Dr.MonaLisa.
- Traditionally, UP1.5 Launcher fixes & improvements:
* Auto-CD-KEY insertion feature;
* Picture upload button on the support chat;
* Abity to add Windows Firewall rules, to solve problems with Multiplayer;
* Improved fixes for error "The procedure entry point _AIL_stream_volume_pan@12 could not be located";
* Improved Experimental Support of DirectX 9 (new configuration);
* Added "Backup & Restore" feature which automatically backups EE2 and EE2: AOS settings and mapped hotkeys to "Documents\Empire Earth II\UP15_ConfigurationBackups" folder.
You can restore it later by UP1.5 Settings;
* Fixed screen resolution detection from settings file if AOS was started from the EE2 Launcher and vice versa;
* Fixed a bug where game executables weren't re-generated after minor update when a custom screen resolution was used.
* Fixed a bug where custom screen resolution settings were lost after saving changes in UP1.5 Settings without making any screen resolution changes.
* Fixed a bug which caused "Windows 8 FIX" being executed when not needed, when set to "Automatic" in UP1.5 Settings (problem: explorer.exe killed on Windows 8 / 8.1 every time you play EE2, even when your screen resolution was supported by UP1.5).
* Added an option to UP1.5 Settings: "Unlock UP1.5 units..." -> "No (keep new camera)", so you can use the new camera with disabled UP1.5 features.
* Compiled Unofficial Patch 1.5 Launchers using Visual Studio 2015 (WARNING: some Antivirus programs like Avira might cry with false positives! It's their problem, not mine).
- Improved version of DirectX 9 support (DX8 to DX9 converter):
* Fixed dark textures bug in EE2: AOS, when lighting details were set to High or Medium.
* Added an integrated fix for no fire/explosion effects bug (which is present usually on Intel HD GPUs), you can enable it by UP1.5 Settings.
* Added an option to disable V-sync (removes the maximum 60 FPS limit and sometimes improves performance).
* A custom configuration command to force selected Pixel Shader version: "DirectX9ForcePixelShaderVersion=X.x", changable by UP1.5 Settings.
- Included "EE2-Linux-Install.bash" from - an automatic EE2 on Linux installation script created by Rem_BlofBlufWuf.
- New Unofficial Patch 1.5 and Minor Update installers with features like:
* Possibility to keep the existing game and UP1.5 configuration;
* Detection of the current minor version, so you don't need to worry that you install a wrong update;
* Minor updates installer can now resume downloads and won't unnecessary re-download files with the same checksum;
* Many other features which make the installation process smart & safe.

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 6:
- Included changes from all minor updates 155000-155014.
- New version identification due to core changes: "EE2 1.5.6 (2017)", "AOS 1.5.6 (2017)", "EE2 1.5.6-non1.5units", "AOS 1.5.5-non1.5units", "EE2 1.5.6 + Mod (2017)", "AOS 1.5.6 + Mod (2017)":
* The version of Unofficial Patch 1.5 compatible with the other Empire Earth 2 mods can be downloaded at:
- Fixed the range glitch which made units (usually heavy artillery) attacking from an unexpectedly long range. The fix removes the range bonuses depended on units formation.
- Added a new option: "DISABLE Crowns System and Leaders":
* The option replaces the old, useless checkbox called "1 territory per player (not recommended)";
* It's available under the "Map" tab on the game setup screen;
* It's fully compatible with the Multiplayer mode and was also added to Developers Version of UP1.5;
* The option disables crowns and all crown-related bonuses, Leaders, etc. The technologies and epochs system still works in the unchanged form.
- Added 6 new "Initial Cease Fire" options: "20 Minutes", "30 Minutes", "45 Minutes", "60 Minutes", "2 Hours", "24 Hours" for newbies:
* Please note that picking cease fire longer than 15 minutes is illegal and banable in the Public Multiplayer games.
- Added 10 new "City Population" options: 70, 80, 90, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500, 1000.
- Added a new "Time of Day" option: Cycle (1.5), changes between Dawn, Afternoon, Sunset and Night every: 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes (you can select it under the Environment tab).
- Added a new warning / confirmation message before entering the "LAN / Direct Connect" menu. Learn why at:
- Some of texts on the game setup screen will be displayed in English instead of the game language, because of the new text options which were incompatible with game files.
- Fixed crashes when TBMs were launching missiles while standing on construction sites programmatically (assembly):
* The old area effect fixes are not longer needed and were removed (citizens near TBMs will be able to move/build when a missile is being launched).
- Removed some of the new UP1.5 sounds which didn't fit the other Empire Earth II sounds well.
- Reduced the volume of some moving sounds (Autobus, Tractor, Wheel Loader, Harvester).
- Changed the color of farms to gray on the mini-map (left-bottom corner). Unfortunately on the full-screen map it's still player's color.
- Reduced costs of Snipers to be associated with their power (they got very underpowered in the previous updates due to Multiplayer community complaints).
- Reduced the cost of SLBM (nuclear missile produced in the nuclear submarine) due to low effectivity.
- New feature: Game icon flashing on the taskbar when the game process is minimized, you're on the Multiplayer Lobby and:
* You receive a new private message, game room message, team message, lobby message;
* You get invited to a game, you receive a buddy-add request, host changes settings, host is waiting for launch;
* Thanks for help with adding this feature to Jodocus from neoEE patch.
- Added support for playback files when option "DISABLE Crowns System and Leaders" is checked (fixed missing buildings bug, hangs). The fix is not backward compatible (it will work only for 156002+ playbacks).
- Disabled playback loading limits (grayed out). It is now possible to load recorded games from all versions of the game:
* Please note that not all versions are backward compatible, so the playback file might not work correctly, game process might crash or units might hang and not move.
- Improved reliability and performance of the DirectX 9 (DX8 to DX9 converter).
- Added the "Warning incoming ballistic missiles detected. Attempting intercept..." message:
* The similar message was present in EE2 versions 1.0 to 1.4, but was disabled in UP1.5 due to messages spam caused by the new Missile Defense System.
* The message is limited to be displayed maximum 1 time per 20 seconds.
- Repaired displaying of the "Ping" column, on the servers list on the Multiplayer Lobby. This function always shown ping 0, even on ver. 1.2, before GameSpy Server shutdown.
- Fixed a glitch which caused the resources used for the construction of a building, to be refunded, in accumulation, as many times as the player deletes the construction site of the building, in a short period of time, during which the game may be experiencing some lag:
* The fix is active only in Multiplayer games and prevents deletion of units and buildings in too short period of time. An appropriate message is displayed when the action is blocked.
- Added "Unofficial Patch Files\" which can be used in case you can't re-install the game or if you get "The setup has detected that version 1.20.000 of Empire Earth II is already installed..." error.
- Blocked the "Quit" and "Quit to Desktop" buttons in Multiplayer Games, to minimize the risk of issues that may be caused by the Host Quit. The buttons will act like the "Resign" button as long as the player is not already an Observer. In case of problems (like Out of Sync) - buttons will be unlocked after 3 attempts.
- Improved the Multiplayer Rating System by adding a new "session ID" variable. Players in the same game get the same session ID which is sent with the game statistics. It will help to prevent duplicate or incorrectly counted points issue.
- Fixed uPnP effectivity on routers with only permanent leases allowed.
- Partially fixed "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"):
* Scouts are now forced to move out of the construction site area. Unfortunately Scouts can still block or delay buildings construction if the opponent spams the move orders on the construction site area. This fix causes crowns powers affecting Spies to also affect Scouts. The "Scout Trick" was legal in Empire Earth 2 Multiplayer, since 1st of April 2011, legalized by: 'Gov. Act I: LoSG - Legalization of "Scout Glitch" - Scout trick':
* Scouts have no longer the Patrol ability. It's to prevent abuses in Multiplayer games.
* Players who use the Scout Glitch will now be punished (building and repairing time for all constructions will be significantly slowed down).
- Added 8 new Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy maps created by: Dreadtania. Maps list and descriptions can be read at:
- Traditionally, UP1.5 Launcher bug fixes & improvements:
* Added the "Keep Alive" thread to count the current number of players in game for the statistics website (real-time statistics);
* The button for installing the minor update (near the version information) will now also display information about optional minor updates.
* Added displaying of the problematic programs list in the Maximization Helper Solution 1 tooltip.
* Added a "Hide Breast" checkbox to UP1.5 Settings allowing you to change Mona Lisa's Logo due to reported religious reasons.
* Replaced some of message boxes with toast notifications on Windows 10+ (for example information about unused files).
* Added the maximization problem detection and displaying of a Toast Notification with help links when the problem is detected.
* Added the ability to generate MD5, CRC32 and SHA1 checksums of all game files by clicking on a hyperlink posted on the support chat (so we can check if your game files are correct).
* Fixed a bug where hyperlinks posted in the news/chat window didn't work on Windows 7 and older.
* Improved file upload function on the Support Chat (it's now possible to continue chatting when the file is being uploaded).
* Improved the start of UP1.5 Launchers and loading of the News window for users with a slow Internet connection (< 1KB/s).
* Compiled UP1.5 Launchers (and depended libraries) using the new Visual Studio 2017.
* Replaced "Windows SSPI" with "OpenSSL" for SSL connections initialized by the UP1.5 Launcher. Reason: https connections sometimes didn't work on Windows XP and many other configurations.
* Created the "UP1.5 HTTPS Everywhere" function which secures most of connections to in the new versions of UP1.5 Launcher (old versions will use http for compatibility reasons).
* Added a progress bar for file uploads on the Support Chat.
* Added displaying of the Minor Version to: "Configuration Utility", "Maximization Helper" and "Custom Screen Resolution Generator".
* Added the modern "Dark Launcher Theme", enabled by default. It can be disabled by the UP1.5 Settings. Changes the style of UP1.5 Launcher windows.
* Fixed many other layout problems of the Launcher windows.
* Added a warning when "UnofficialVersionConfig.txt is modified by another program, when the Configuration Utility window is open.
* Reduced the size of UP1.5 Launcher (more bitmaps loaded from external files).
* Reduced RAM usage after the Launcher / Maximization Helper window is closed.
* Increased limits before the "Show information about unused EE2 files in the Documents folder" warnings are shown (from 200 to 400 for playbacks and 800 for game saves).
* The Launcher window is now taller on higher screen resolutions. It allows to display more messages in the News/Chat windows.
* It's now possible to resize the Launcher / Maximization Helper windows vertically.
* Maximization Helper Solutions buttons are now more visible when the "Dark Launcher Theme" is active. When Maximization Problem is detected - Solution 1 button is highlighted with a red frame.
* Fixed a bug where UP1.5 Launcher was resetting the screen resolution settings on game restart, when user changed it to 800x600.
* Added 5 new splash screen images to the UP1.5 Launcher.
* It's now possible to skip the empireearth2:// and empireearth2aos:// protocols re-registration in the UP1.5 Launcher (when protocols are already registered but link to a different game location).
* Improved the Launcher window scaling on Windows 10 1607 and newer (noticeable when using 4k screen resolution). The Launcher is now PER_MONITOR_DPI_AWARE only on Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 1511 and DPI_AWARE on Windows Vista/7. DPI Awareness is required for the correct screen resolution detection.
- Added a support for Cycle Time of Day in Game Saves (.sav). NOTE: After loading the save, the Day-night cycle will start over (starting from the Dawn).
- Updated Dr.MonaLisa's Multiplayer scenarios: "WorldSimulator2013", "EE2Pirates2013", "EE2Planes2016" to enable Cycle Time of Day feature.
- Multiplayer Lobby improvements:
* Players who change their Player Type to Observer will have their status changed to "Ready" (automatically). It will help prevent waiting for AFK observers.
* Sending Players Type information to the Server, to recognize which players are Observers by the new Fair/Random Teams Generator:
* Added fixes to reduce ping (delay) between the host and players by ~30 up to 60 milliseconds.
* Added a message when any player joins/leaves the Multiplayer lobby.
* Reduced updating/refreshing time of many lobby modules (for example Laderboards), because it doesn't affect the high-performance Server.
* Added Lobby integration with the UP1.5 Launcher Keep Alive functions. The Keep Alive function now checks if Player is Observer and allows Observers to see messages and flares sent by players who are playing. It also allows Observers to send flares by clicking on the "Territories" icon under mini-map, or by pressing the ALT+SHIFT+T hotkey. This feature might be disabled or improved in the future.
- Changed costs of Windmills/Grain Elevators/Botanic Modules and Water Wells/Water Towers to make them more expensive. They were a little bit underpriced for the bonuses they give.
- Changed costs of Snipers to make them more expensive. Even though in my opinion they were well-balanced - Multiplayer community complained about their power, so we will make them less available.
- Added 27 new EE2 maps, uploaded by xiaoyuer: "1v1 Trench Battle V", "2-8 Resource contention by", "2v2 elephants by", "3v3 Hostile", "3v3 middle", "3v3 Middle", "3v3 Team First", "4 ASpokes by", "4 citya by", "4 cityb by", "4 Citys16 by", "4 Citys72 by", "4", "4 Kurt-inge's citybuilder map", "4 Lack of resources by", "4 routes throat by", "4 simply by", "4 tree", "4v4 twilight", "", "6 bay of", "6-10 Arena", "8 haishen by", "8 River", "8 TS by", "9", "".
- Added 5 new EE2: AOS maps, uploaded by xiaoyuer: "2-6 Coastal", "3v3", "3v3 Jungle", "8 animals by", "9".
- Fixed Unhandled Exception game crashes that may occur in a Multiplayer game room, when host changes map size to Custom.
- Added the "Exclusive", Borderless Windowed Mode support, activated and deactivated by the ALT+ENTER hotkey, only when the "Windowed Mode" option is DISABLED/unchecked in UP1.5 Settings:
* "Run EE2 in Windowed Mode" tooltip: "Check this option to use the Windowed Mode, with window borders, since game start. Otherwise (when this option is unchecked) use the new "Exclusive", Borderless Windowed Mode, activated by the ALT+ENTER hotkey, when the game is already running".
* The "Exclusive" Windowed Mode is only fully supported on Windows 10 (older Windows versions have different window borders size).
* It can be useful, for example when you're observing a Multiplayer game, but you want to watch a movie/TV serie at the same time, using the video player with "Always on top" feature.
- New UP1.5 game configuration files: "myconfig_sim.cfg" (for EE2), "myconfig_sim_EE2X.cfg" (for EE2: AOS). Please do not modify them, because they're always overwritten by Minor Updates.
- Speeded game startup time by minimum 3 seconds (limited displaying of the Spalsh screen when not needed).
- New BETA feature: "Automatic Font Size for Screen Resolutions" - for a Full 4K support:
* The option is disabled by default, but can be enabled by UP1.5 Settings. It's recommended to enable this option.
* It uses special algorithms created by Dr. Mona Lisa to adjusts font sizes in game to be suitable to the currently used screen resolution.
* It fixes too small font size problem on 4K resolutions, and too big font size on lower resolutions. Visit: for before/after screenshots.
* WARNING: After enabling this option, the first game launch might take a very long time (depending on CPU speed)! Please be patient and don't kill the game process!
* This feature is in the BETA stage. For some screen resolutions game process might crash with Unhandled Exception. When it happens, please disable "Automatic Font Size" option.
- Included and integrated 16 awesome Empire Earth 2 Scenarios, created by DrGrip and e24ever (thanks to Loewenherz for help collecting and testing files):
* "DrGrip - Troy.scn", "e24ever - Hellhole1.scn", "e24ever - Roman Republic - Gallic Wars.scn", "e24ever - TheVikingsAge1 - King of the Vikings.scn", "e24ever - TheVikingsAge2 - Sword of the King.scn", "e24ever - TheVikingsAge3 - Need for land.scn", "e24ever - TheVikingsAge4 - Vinland Qest.scn", "e24ever - Zombie Land-Chapter one.scn", "DrGrip - A Conqueror is born.scn", "DrGrip - Battle For Middle-Earth.scn", "DrGrip - Chinese America1.scn", "DrGrip - Chinese America2.scn", "DrGrip - Chinese America3.scn", "DrGrip - Chinese America4.scn", "DrGrip - Chinese America5.scn", "DrGrip - Christmas Strike.scn".
* To play new scenarios - start Empire Earth II (not the expansion pack), go to "Single Player" -> "Play Scenario".
- Integrated Dr Grip's "Chinese America" campaign with the "Single Player" -> "Play Campaign" menu. It now uses the timeline created by Loewenherz.
- Integrated e24ever's "The Viking Age" campaign with the "Single Player" -> "Play Campaign" menu. It now uses the timeline created by Loewenherz.
- Integrated Dr.MonaLisa's "EE2 Pirates" and "EE2 Planes" Scenarios with the "Play Campaign" menu.
- Integrated 7 other scenarios with the "Single Player" -> "Play Campaign" menu: "Dr Grip - A Conqueror is born", "Dr Grip - Christmas Strike - American", "Dr Grip - Troy", "Dr Grip - Battle For Middle-Earth", "e24ever - Roman Republic - Gallic Wars", "e24ever - Hell Hole - Escape from Hell", "e24ever - The Zombieland".
- Integrated calsch03's "Survival Egypt (survival game mode)" with the EE2 AOS "Single Player" -> "Play Campaign" menu. More information:
* "Enable Large Address Aware (allows EE2 to use more than 2GB of RAM)" is no longer BETA and is now enabled by default.
* "Enable DirectX 9 (DX8 to DX9 Converter)" is no longer BETA and is now enabled by default.
* Those features have been rated as "stable", because we have never detected or received any reports about problems with game after enabling them. Many players, however preferred to not change the default settings and were losing performance improvements.
* If you get the missing .dll file error on Windows Vista and older, please re-enable "DirectX 9" by UP1.5 Settings and install the required "End-User Runtime".
* "Enable Automatic Font Size" is still BETA, but stable enough to be enabled by default. It will also help test this feature on larger group of players.
- Fixed a bug where mouse cursor escapes game screen when multiple monitors are connected to the computer.
- Changed the default hotkey to toggle the in-game Music Player from "alt+SPACE" to "alt+shift+SPACE". Reason: many players were missclicking it and playing EE2Amp music accidentally.
- Changed the time after which players are disconnected from the Multiplayer game (from 60 seconds to 120 seconds). It will help to resume connection after player's IP change (if clients are connected by MonaNAT). We understand that the longer timeout might be annoying for the regularly-playing Multiplayer users, so we recommend to not invite known laggers to your games.
- Repaired games list refreshing on the Multiplayer Lobby. New hosted games will appear on the list automatically, without the need to click on the Refresh button.
- Removed the city ambient sounds (added in the first version of UP1.5), played by city centers (horses, car horns, etc.). They confused players and the overall effect wasn't that good.
- Increased the maximum possible population per player from 999 to 9999.
- Increased the maximum possible amount of stored resources and technology points from 99 999 to 999 999.
- Changed the default user flare sound effect (it was confused with building selection / production cancellation sound).
- Changed the default "Start/Execute Coordinated Attack" hotkey from "APOSTROPHE" to "ctrl+APOSTROPHE" on EE2. It was already ctrl+APOSTROPHE on the expansion pack. People often misclicked it and didn't know why units don't move.
- Fixed a bug where "Presidential HMMWV" could not be transported by ships/transport aircraft units.
- Increased the price of Tradecopters to be suitable to their effectivity and to prevent abuses in Multiplayer games.
- Added buy/sell resources hotkeys to Supermarkets (the same as for Markets).
- Fixed compatibility with Windows 10 Spring Creators Update (1803). Added an option to "Disable fullscreen optimizations" to Maximization Helper (checked by default, available only on Windows 10).
- Fixed a game bug (present since ver. 1.0) which always resetted the "AI Map Type" settings to "Plains" when a scenario file (.scn) was loaded (by the Main Menu, Campaign Menu or Map Editor). It fixed a bug where AI players didn't build docks and ships in custom scenarios.
- Fixed a bug causing option "DISABLE Crowns System and Leaders" to be enabled every time user entered the Map Editor (so it was impossible to get crowns during the "Test Mission").
- Improved the partial fix for the "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch"). New anti-glitch method, without "punishments": The normal Scout unit will be temporary replaced with a non-blocking "Temp Anti-Glitch Scout (1.5)" unit with aircraft move ability (an no attack ability). The normal Scout will be automatically recreated, after player produce a new citizen. It's to prevent abuses in Multiplayer games.
- Added "Restore Default UP1.5 Config" button to Configuration Utility (UP1.5 Settings) window. It helps to restore the newest default configuration file (UnofficialVersionConfig.txt) directly from the Server. This button is disabled for Developers Version of UP1.5.
- Fixed cyan or bad quality icons when "Texture Detail" were set to "Low/Medium" in Game Settings -> Video. Thanks to Loewenherz for converting icon files.

Changes/Fixes in UP1.5 Update 7:
- Included changes from all minor updates 156000-156034.
- New version identification due to core changes: "EE2 1.5.7", "AOS 1.5.7", "EE2 1.5.7-non1.5units", "AOS 1.5.7-non1.5units", "EE2 1.5.7 + Mod", "AOS 1.5.7 + Mod":
- Camera FIX ver. 5.0 (restored the vanilla EE2 experience):
* Camera zoom settings similar to UP1.4/UP1.5.1 (a huge zoom-out, and first-person view on the ground).
* Camera angles set to make the game look as close the official, vanilla version of EE2 as possible.
* Fixed the no sounds problem when maximally zoomed-out. This was possible thanks to tweaks of hardcoded sound control values.
* It also makes the volume of sound effects (ambient, battles, etc.) more realistic, depending on camera zoom and units distance (even at the standard zoom).
* Fixes an issue where units heads were not visible in the preview window (under health bar).
- Camera FIX ver. 5.1:
* Some players disliked the new camera angles at the low (but not maximum) zoom-in. It could also negatively affect performances. We have restored UP1.5.6 angles for it.
* Increased the maximum zoom-out even more, so the "plane view" activates very high, leaving the vanilla version angles for ~70% zoom-out.
- New feature - Middle Mouse Button actions (UP1.5 Launcher intercepts middle mouse button clicks and converts them to in-game actions):
* Single middle mouse button click rotates the building (equivalent to CTRL key).
* Keeping the middle mouse button pressed for 0.5 second and moving mouse right or left rotates the camera (equivalent to CTRL+ARROWS keys).
* Keeping the middle mouse button pressed for 2 seconds, without moving the mouse enables or disables the Full Screen Mode (hides User Interface, equivalent to CTRL+ALT+H).
* Middle Mouse Button actions can be disabled or re-enabled by UP1.5 Settings.
- "Middle Mouse Button Actions" improvements:
* The Maximization Helper window now allows you to control action settings:
# "Rotate" - simulates the CTRL key press to rotate buildings. After 0.5 second the action follows mouse cursor to rotate camera in selected direction (simulates CTRL+ARROW keys press).
# "Move" - scrolls the camera (left, right, top, bottom) instead of rotating. You can manually press and hold the CTRL key to rotate.
# "Invert" - uses the opposite scrolling directions (feels like scrolling on your smartphone screen).
# "FSM Hotkey" - simulates the Full Screen Mode CTRL+ALT+H hotkey press (hides User Interface). To execute this hotkey keep the Middle Mouse Button pressed for ~2 seconds and don't move mouse during this time.
* Additional custom configurations commands (which can be inserted to UnofficialVersionConfig.txt or by UP1.5 Settings) exist:
# MiddleMouseButtonSleepBeforeCameraRotationMs=500 | Time (in milliseconds) after which camera starts rotating when MMB is pressed. Prevents accidentional camera rotation when rotating buildings by a short click.
# MiddleMouseButtonRotationCheckIntervalMs=0 | Delay (in milliseconds) after which Launcher checks for another mouse position change. Default 0 is 1 ms. Low value is recommended.
# MiddleMouseButtonFullScreenModeActivationDelayMs=2000 | Delay (in milliseconds) after which the Full Screen Mode hotkey can be activated.
* Option "Invert" is now activated by default (I like how it is in Anno 2205).
- Added new improvements to fix maximization problems (directly in the game process). In many cases using Maximization Helper Solutions and disabling fullscreen optimizations will no longer be needed.
- Added more AutoSave Settings Frequencies - up to 6 hours 30 mins (before only 30 mins). Autosaving is now possible every 2 mins 30 secs.
- Increased the Maximum Air Mission waypoints from 5 to 20 (so you can efficiently plan air routes in CB/RP games).
- Unlocked possibility to use the same color for multiple players in the Scenario Editor.
- Restored the time after which players are disconnected from the Multiplayer game (from 120 seconds to default 60 seconds). While this change was helpful for players with problematic Internet connections, it could be annoying for active MP users.
- Fixed an issue where the number of "Units Destroyed" could be incorrectly calculated and incorrectly shown after game (on "Stats" -> "Military 1" screen -> "Units Destroyed").
- Multiplayer Lobby for SINGLEPLAYER users (thanks for the idea to player "Laetitian"):
* It's now possible to host and start unrated SinglePlayer games (with AI players and 1 human player only) on the Multiplayer Lobby.
* Those games are not counted (rating, total games played, total game time) to prevent statistics abuses.
* It helps to stay online, receive private messages from friends and be ready to start a Multiplayer session when more players are online.
- Removed the partial fix for the "Scout Trick" (aka. "Scout Glitch") and reverted scout-related changes from all previous updates (excluding 156011).
- Added new "Starting Forces" -> "Basic" Citizens options: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100 with "no Scout" suffix.
* It allows you to start a game without the first Scout which was used for the abusive "Scout Glitch" in Multiplayer games.
* The player who hosts the Multiplayer game can now choose if "Scout Glitch" is legal or illegal in his game by selecting the "no Scout" option.
- Added an information if the "Scout Glitch" is allowed/legal or forbidden/illegal to the "Welcome Message" in Multiplayer Games. It depends if "Starting Forces" -> "Basic" citizens option has "no Scout" suffix selected by the host.
- The "session ID" variable (used by the Rating System) is now longer and contains the game process running time float. It's because the old "session ID" could be duplicated if two different game rooms were hosted at the exact time (1 second accuracy).
- Fixed an issue where game settings could be reset when user checked the "Don't remind me again" checkbox on the Multiplayer log-in screen (for optional Minor Update notification), and the notification contained newline characters.
- New UP1.5 Launcher feature/fix: "UseWorkingDirectoryWorkaround":
* Activates itself automatically when the game is unable to start due to a "missing .dll" error, but the .dll file is present in the game directory.
* "Working Directory" problems are usually caused by bad, invasive Antiviruses (greetings to Avast) or the other installed software which changes behavior of "lpDirectory" parameter.
* The new feature also fixes a problem where (in rare cases) Nvidia GPU is not visible in Settings -> Video menu, even when DirectX 9 is enabled by UP1.5 Settings.
* This workaround copies the game executable to the current game directory and presents itself as "EE3.exe". This file name is used especially to tell Nvidia Optimus to automatically use the high-performance GPU instead of the Integrated GPU on laptops. Using a different file name would require from users to manually select desired graphics card by the Nvidia Control panel. This fix might have some negative effects where not all of other fixes applied to the original executable locations are available. Therefore it's not recommended to force this option when not needed.
* This fix can also be manually enabled by the UP1.5 Settings -> custom configuration command: "UseWorkingDirectoryWorkaround=1" or "UseWorkingDirectoryWorkaround=2" (no message). To disable (default option): "UseWorkingDirectoryWorkaround=0".
- Increased the "Settings" -> "Game" -> "Mouse Settings" -> "Double-Click Time" limits, from the minimum "0.25" to minimum "0.01". Keeping "0.25" is recommended. Setting value lower than ~0.10 practically disables the Double-Click. It's to prevent "accidentally moved citizens" problem reported by Multiplayer users with too sensitive mouses.
- "Cycle Selection of Idle Citizens" hotkey (COMMA) doesn't longer select Gardeners and City Builders.
- "Cycle Selection of Idle Military Units" hotkey (PERIOD) now selects Scouts and doesn't select Prisoners and Slaves. Scouts are still not selectable for "Add to Selection" (shift+PERIOD) and "Select All" (alt+PERIOD) hotkeys.
- Included "Loew's Ambient Pack" created by "Loewenherz" as the internal part of UP1.5. Available in the Map Editor:
* Information, Screenshots & Discussion:
* Over 400 new abient items (like trees for tropical/arid/arctic/temperate climate, flowers, grass, rocks, mountains, water and sea objects, ancient ruins, pyramids, castles, and much more).
* Known World objects: Ancient Mayan/Greek ruins, Stonehenge, Gothic Cathedral, Baroque Church, Lost Temple, Easter Island Statues, Ziggurat, Obelisk, Paifang, Minaret, Desert Palace and more.
* New map assets (Space Ambient, Vulcan and Oilfield objects); unit/building blockers (for pathfinding).
* Most of objects are available in 5 different size variations to perfectly fit your artistic needs.
* Added 27 new Forest Brushes for easier usage of new trees.
- Renamed option "Ask me before game start" to "Loew's Map Editor Mode" under "Unlock UP1.5 units, buildings..." in UP1.5 Settings.
- Fixed the missing shadow of rotational Windmill wheels in epoch 6, when Shadow Detail were set to High (or better). Changed their color to be more realistic.
- Fixed a bug where half of the "dbcombat_unittypeadjust" file was not read on EE2 (the expansion pack - AOS was not affected). It caused some minor balance problems, for example Chinese special unit in epochs 6-10 (Dragon Song) dealt full damage to units where it was supposed to originally deal reduced damage.
- Fixed a bug where Rams could not attack Warehouses (due to alert siren feature added to Warehouses in UP1.5). Additionally fixed a bug where Rams could not attack Anti Aircraft buildings.
- Bomb Shelters (Bunkers) reworked:
* Increased the build time 3 times to minimize the risk of abuses in Multiplayer games, where players use Bunkers to distract enemy army.
* Reduced the damage taken from Ballistic Missiles (including ICBMs) to improve their destination.
* Significantly increased the damage taken from Tanks and HERCs to not distract the ground army for too long.
- Snipers reworked:
* Significantly reduced the default damage. It helps prevent issues where Snipers could destroy tanks and buildings unrealistically fast.
* Increased the damage dealt to Infantry units to kill them (in fast pace) or seriously injure (medium pace).
* Modified the damage dealt to Horses and Artillery in lower epochs, to make them take at least 2 shoots before death. It's because artillery models always have two people who move cannons.
- New feature: Maximization Helper has an option named: "Don't center camera for 'Cycle Select' hotkeys":
* It disables camera centering after CycleSelectAndCenterUnits hotkey is pressed (, comma or . dot).
* It can be useful for fast-building in Multiplayer games on Plains map type, but might cause problems on the other map types.
* It is a game memory hack (the Launcher modifies the specified address), so changing the state of this option has immediate effect (no game restart is required).
- Repaired the Gamestats Server reconnect issues on the Multiplayer Lobby (affecting players with unstable Internet connection):
* The bug caused players statistics, leaderboards to not be shown after longer activity on the Lobby.
* The bug caused the Rating System to not work correctly when the host player lost the first connection to the GameStats module (missing game results data, game not counted).
* The bug was already present on the old GameSpy Lobby. It's an error in game code where "gamename" string is not added to the gamestats domain name. It then tries to resolve a domain starting with the dot " . " character and fails. Screenshots and fix explanation:
- Improved Security of UP1.5 Launchers, and:
* Updated OpenSSL to ver. 1.1.1b.
* Updated Libcurl to ver. 7.64.1.
* Updated Boost libraries to ver. 1.69.0.
* Updated upnpc-static to ver. 2.1.20190403 (Windows XP support abandoned).
* Compiled the Launcher and the other UP1.5 modules/libraries using Visual Studio 2019.
- "Middle Mouse Button Actions" improvements:
* Improved performance (separate thread for the Launcher code and WH_MOUSE_LL Low-level Hook).
* Fixed an issue where game could noticeably stutter/freeze after pressing the MMB and fast-moving the mouse. It affected gaming mouses with high polling rate settings (for example 1000Hz). Thanks to player "Chubzdoomer" for reporting this problem.
* Fixed an issue where checking/unchecking the "FSM Hotkey" (Full Screen Mode Hotkey) option in Maximization Helper had no immediate effect (game restart was required).
* Changed the simulated key press time from 0 ms to 10 ms. It can be controlled by the new custom configuration command (which can be inserted to UnofficialVersionConfig.txt or by UP1.5 Settings):
# MiddleMouseButtonKeypressTimeMs=10 | Time (in milliseconds) for how long a simulated key is pressed (arrow keys).
- Added new hotkeys for players who like to cheat or city-build (available in Singleplayer mode only):
* CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + L = Toggles the Object Placement Tools, like in the Map Editor. You can place any building / unit / world object during the active game.
* CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + (W, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0) = Switch the active player to player World or Slots 1-10.
- Added a new option to UP1.5 Settings: "I suffer epileptic seizures (neurological disorder)":
* Disables some of game effects to minimize the risk of epileptic seizures for players who suffer this disorder (currently removes the Camera Shaking effect for nuclear and other explosions).
* The Anti-epileptic seizures requires option "Enable DirectX 9" to also be checked.
- "Automatic Font Size for Screen Resolutions" improvements:
* Fixed fonts generation for Chinese language (it originally uses different fonts than all other regions).
- Added the EE2 "Bonus Maps" (Yucatan, Wasteland, Honeycombs, Spokes, Three Crowns, Ink Blot, Jungle Kings, Thunda Down Unda, Triumvirate Tussle, Golden Triad, Indonesia, Doughnut, Battle for the Nile) to be also available on the expansion pack - EE2: The Art of Supremacy.
- New feature: AntiAliasing in DirectX 9 (DX8 to DX9 converter):
* It's disabled by default, but can be enabled by UP1.5 Settings.
* It's possible to select the maximum anti-aliasing multiplier (from 2x to 16x), however the maximum on all configurations I tested was 8x (and this most likely will be used if you select 8x or greater).
* It significantly increases the image quality (textures smoothness) in Empire Earth 2 and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy, however requires more GPU power. It's recommended to use this option only on computers with a good graphics card.
* Definition: Anti-aliasing uses various techniques to get rid of jagged edges on your screen which appear as a result of square pixels forming non-rectangular shapes. A higher numerical multiplier such as "8x" or "16x" produces a more effective anti-aliasing effect while requiring more processing resources.
* Special thanks to elishacloud for improving d3d8to9 to support AntiAliasing.
* Details and the performance impact can be seen at:
- Added a totally new climate - Tundra, with:
* New terrain textures, ambient colors and Sun directions.
* New animals - domestic (Rabbits) and predator (Bears).
* New Tundra ambient sounds, including: rain, snow, wind, sea, sea animals, forest, forest animals, etc.
* New forests (using Arctic trees from Loew's Ambient Pack). Currently they are winter-only textures, even during the short Tundra Summer season (it's still better than using old trees from Temperate climate). We're aware of it, and please don't report it as a "bug".
* Special thanks for cooperative work on Tundra climate for: Dr.MonaLisa, Loewenherz and Gonzalo. Forum discussion link:
- Nights are not longer too-dark (in all climates). Restored Sun directions from the official version of the game, but kept the 1.5 ambient colors. It makes Nights playable again, with clear vision. Hopefully players won't be afraid to use the "Cycle Time of Day" feature anymore.
- Restored wheat farms on EE2: AOS (disabled in version 1.5.4 due to a bug that made the whole game "alight"). Thanks to Loewenherz for detecting the root cause of this issue and for preparing fixed models/textures.
- Integrated Loew's "Tint fix for Terrain" in UP1.5. Details:
- Changed the Rabbit (animal) model to the high-quality one with working animations. Thanks to Gonzalo for providing files.
- Fixed game freezes/hangs:
* Symptoms: The game was frozen, image didn't change, mouse pointer didn't work, but sounds still played. In case when Task Manager was not open in the "Always on top" mode - users were forced to restart computer in order to kill the game process.
* Cause: Most likely by game sounds, which in case of long loading time caused the function to hang completely.
* Fix: Unofficial Patch 1.5 detects the freeze, checks for the address changes during the 2 seconds timeout (based on the system time), then displays a debug message on the chat in game. This message will be removed in further releases of the patch, when reliability of the fix is fully tested.
* This bug was not caused by any of the previous UP1.5 updates. It was also present on the official version of the game and occurred randomly. Due to increased population / resources / map size possibilities in UP1.5 it could be experienced more often.
- New feature: "TranslateTextsSourceFile":
* It allows UP1.5 Launcher to generate the texts database using language translation files.
* It can be controlled by UP1.5 Settings -> custom configuration command:
# TranslateTextsSourceFile=1 | Enabled (default option), uses the language based on your installed game language.
# TranslateTextsSourceFile=0 | Disabled, uses the old text database method from the previous versions of UP1.5 (English only).
# TranslateTextsSourceFile=FILENAME | Allows you to use a custom translation file, like: "Unofficial Patch Files\EXEGeneratorData\TextsSourceTranslation_FILENAME.txt".
* If you want to help translating UP1.5 texts database, please visit the forum topic:
* The full UP1.5 texts database translation is now available for Polish language.
* The partial texts database translation is now available for all languages available in EE2 distributions (except Bulgarian).
- New feature: Maximization Helper has an option named: "Reduce visual weather effects for Blizzard, Sandstorm":
* Optional option (disabled by default) which resolves the issue where during bad weather it's almost impossible to see and control anything.
* It is only used when you "Enable Weather" on the game setup scren, under the "Environment" tab, before you start game.
* Changing the status of this option has an immediate effect (no game restart is required), however if the bad weather is currently active, then the fix will work the next time the bad weather comes.
* Some players rarely played with the Weather enabled due to bad vision - now they have a chance to play with it again. Forum discussion link:
- Added a new option to UP1.5 Settings: "Constrain Cursor":
* Enabled in EE2 by default. When multiple monitors are connected, the mouse cursor is restricted to not leave the game window, even in Windowed Mode.
* Unchecking this option removes this limitation, but might make on-borders scrolling harder.
* In previous versions of UP1.5, the Launcher automatically decided when to enable/disable this option, but now it has to be configured manually, as preferred.
- Added a new option to UP1.5 Settings: "Render on Secondary Monitor":
* Disabled in EE2 by default. When multiple monitors are present, check this option to render EE2 on the secondary monitor instead of primary.
- Added UP1.5 Launcher support for multiple monitors (BETA, currently only active with option "Render on Secondary Monitor"). The launcher determinates the active monitor by the mouse position, generates windows on this monitor, gets the correct screen resolution, DPI scaling and much more.
- "Exclusive", Borderless Windowed Mode (activated and deactivated by the ALT+ENTER hotkey) improvements:
* Fixed an issue, where borders were still visible on systems with DPI scaling different than 100% (usually 4k monitors). The fix requires Windows 1607 or newer to work.
- Added displaying of hours to the Initial Ceasefire time widget, to fix an issue where ceasefire time longer than 1 hour couldn't be determined by players.
- Added an in-game debug message when the UP1.5 prevents game from crashing at address: 008520D1 (EE2), 008C6CB1 (AOS) due to "AI Wall Plan wall-gate" crash, fixed since ver. 1.5.3 (2015).
- Added an in-game debug message when the UP1.5 prevents game from crashing at address: 007F78AB (EE2), 0088E628 (AOS) due to a crash caused by "an ICBM being launched from a TBM Launcher vehicle which stays on a construction site, while a citizen starts building", fixed since ver. 1.5.6 (2016).
- More improvements and features will be added with time by 157000s Minor Updates.

Team & Usage Terms

By installing Unofficial Version 1.5 you agree on the Unofficial Patch 1.5 Act:
(including anonymous usage statistic system, multiplayer banning-system and fair play rules in the public MP games)
If you like the patch, please consider donating. The money are very important to keep everything up. I would very appreciate any help (Click).

Patch Creator:
Leader (Dr Mona Lisa)
Special thanks for help to:
Iwanicki, Vetinte, TheGrouchDE, Laetitian, RGV1, Loewenherz, Calsch03, Fireheart2, Townsendigital (and friends), FireKing, Michael34, CompagniaDellaMorte, Maurits.

Software used during development:

IndigoRose's Setup Factory has been choosen by me as the Installer Builder program for Unofficial Patch 1.5. I tested many free and paid installer builders, but none of them had the features we needed. Thanks to Setup Factory Unofficial Patch 1.5 and Minor Update installers have features like: EE2-a-like skin, automatic detection of current game version, checking if update of configuration files is required, automatic detection of the installation folder, downloading most recent files from Server, and much more! You can read a separate article about the new installer at BLOG (click).

d3d8to9 by Patrick Mours is a pseudo-driver module that intends to improve compatibility and stability in games using Direct3D 8 for rendering by converting all API calls and lowlevel shaders to equivalent Direct3D 9 ones. By that it also opens those games to the new possibilities from proven tools and wrappers written for Direct3D 9. The version of d3d8to9 available in Unofficial Patch 1.5 has been modified by Dr.MonaLisa to add additional fixes prepared for Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II the Art of Supremacy (for example a fix for missing fire/explosion effects) and is configurable by the "UP1.5 Settings". d3d8to9 license.

IMPORTANT copyrights notice:
The creator of Unofficial Patch 1.5 does not allow you to re-upload UP1.5 installation files to any other server / website. If you want to share UP1.5 with your friends - please send them the link to the Official Download Page:
For breaking this rule, we will be forced to send DMCA Takedown Requests.
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